Today is a big day in the United States with the inauguration of Barack Obama. No matter what political affiliation one holds, I think it’s hard to ignore the impact that web 2.0 is having on the day, and in particular on the possibilities for teens to learn abut the political process, the presidency, citizenship, and more.’  For example:

  • Worcester Academy @ the Inauguration is the blog home of students at Worcester Academy, in MA, who are blogging, tweeting, youtubing, flickring, and more as a part of their inaugural learning. The students traveled to DC from their hometown and are telling others about their experiences while away from home. What a great experience for these students who get to actually create primary source content using web 2.0 tools.’  These MA students aren’t the only ones who get to have this experience, students from Chicago are also on the scene and recording their thoughts. Read More →