I’ve been thinking about the presentation of information in visual formats for a long time. I’ve been thinking about how visual representations of information helps people to understand content. Word clouds are a perfect example of this. Being able to see a selection of content in a “cloud” so that words used a lot, or not much at all, stand out visually helps the viewer to understand the ideas of the content. Similarly, seemingly simple presentations of content in formats like Apple’s iTunes cover flow, not only makes the content “pretty” to look at, but also provides a simple opportunity to interact with the content by clicking through the covers to see what’s available.

Presenting information visually is not something new, but it is something that, because of advances in technology, is becoming more and more the way to do things. For example: Read More →

Awww, you can smell it in the air…the smell of books…Inboxes and mailboxes are becoming crowded with invitations and offers, and the things most librarians live for- information and connections. You can hear the whispers of librarians’¬†on the breeze, as many make plans of their impending journey to Chicago, which for a week will be the temporary home to thousands of librarians, teachers, administrators, and support staff members. All of us brought together by the embracing umbrella of ALA, the American Libraries Association.

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