Over the past several weeks my Twitter feed has been filled with links to articles, reports, and information about integration of ereaders, iPads, etc. into classrooms and libraries. From my perspective it’s been a long time getting to what looks like a tipping point for integration of ematerials into the learning experience. (The first ereaders – for example the Rocket ebook reader – came on the scene about 12 years ago.) It is pretty exciting to learn about what’s being piloted in schools and libraries across the country and learn how the use of these devices can improve and enhance teaching, learning, and library services for teens. Read More →

The other day a post on The New York Times Bits Blog told the story of the post author, Nick Bilton, who was told, on two separate occasions in two separate New York City eating establishments, that he needed to put away his Kindle and his iPad. Each establishment doesn’t allow computer use. The first time it happened to Mr. Bilton he was reading on his Kindle – not using a computer for email, work, Facebook, or something of that nature. The second time he was taking notes on his iPad. (Which of course is a bit more like computing.)

When I read Bilton’s story I thought to myself, “My gosh, I think if I were told that I couldn’t use my iPad to read while in a coffee shop, or my iPad to take notes, while in a sandwich shop, I would probably become pretty irritated.” Read More →

I’m a gadget person. There’s no doubt about it. Some make fun of me for it, but really, if I didn’t try out new gadgets and technology regularly, I would not be aware of what to look towards when thinking about library services for teens now and in the future. For that reason, I did purchase an iPad shortly after it was released. And, while some wonder why I love my iPad when to them it seems just like a big iPhone I have to say, “If you only knew, It’s so much more.” The larger screen, the consuming and creating capabilities, the way in which I can use it for work, all of these make it a game-changing device. It’s not game-changer just for people like me – gadget loving women and men – but also for people working with and providing service to teens. A few reasons why: Read More →