After a whirlwind weekend of meetings, awards and live blogging, it’s a wonder my thumbs are intact. Like many ALA members, I spent Friday through Monday largely on Twitter, hashtagging with the best of them.

Whether or not teens tweet, it’s clear that librarians do. And from last year’s ALA “secrets” to this year’s Newbery leak, it seems that library conferences are the impetus for both the best and worst in crowdsourcing.

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In this podcast, Kelly Czarnecki interviews Jamie Watson to talk about the Midwinter Institute. Jamie offers some insight on the development of the day’s programming and thoughts for librarians who fear they don’t have access to adequate technology to participate.

Libraries 3.0: Teen Edition will be held January 15th from 9:00 to 4:30. For more information and instructions for registering, visit the YALSA wiki.


You can also download this podcast, and others, at YALSA’s Podcasts site.