Title: LiVe Well
Platform: iOS and Android
Cost: Free


Winter can be a tough time to stay motivated about being healthy. It’s snowy (in some places), it’s dark (in this hemisphere), and the cold brings on cravings for comfort food (admittedly, I could probably go for baked mac and cheese in just about any weather). Okay, it can be hard to stay motivated about being healthy all year round, but I know that I feel better when I get some exercise and eat my vegetables.

Intermountain Healthcare’s award-winning LiVe Well program is designed to help teens get in the habit of health. It is geared primarily towards students in grades 6-9, ‘ because “this is the time of life where we all started making our own decisions.” ‘  While the program was developed based on concerns about overweight kids and teens it takes a very positive approach to getting active, eating well and getting healthy. And it has a mobile app.

The app provides fun and easy ideas for activities and recipes, and a tracking-tool to chart your progress towards meeting daily and weekly goals for good food and getting active. If you need an idea for something to do, choose from outside, inside, night games, or surprise me, shake your mobile device and get a suggestion. The same goes for recipes, where you can choose from breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert or beverage. While charting progress may only appeal to the highly motivated, the easy interactivity of shake-for-an-idea, will appeal to many. ‘ Not all of the suggested activities involve what you might think of as exercise, either. Building a snowman putting on a puppet show, or dancing are all ways to be active. Read More →