Since so many teen librarians are making the case for social networking still, I thought this OCLC session on Library Mashups would be of interest. I noticed they were taping; the session will probably be online soon at
“Mashups on web are on the verge of replacing the PC as the dominant computing platform”
~Andrew K. Pace, OCLC

Andrew K. Pace defined mashup as something remixed to improve functionality and innovation as response to change under circumstance “hacking!”‘  He stressed that change is inevitable, and quoted Darwin reminding us that the successful species are the most adaptable ones. Pace referenced the 10 Dangerous Ideas presentation from PLA presentation , and invited attendees to jot down on notecards provided, their greatest resource and greatest challenge as we continued our discussion of innovation. Read More →

Ypulse is offering a special rate for library attendees for their Books pre-conference at this year’s Mashup event in San Francisco. “The 2008 Ypulse National Mashup is the only conference that brings together youth media and marketing professionals from brands, agencies and the non-profit sector to share best practices for reaching today’s totally wired youth.”

The full agenda for the pre-conference is here with keynote speaker David Levithan. The conference Read More →