In the past several months you’ve heard me talk about the member survey-why we were doing it, how to see the results, and so on. Now I’d like to go into depth about some of the findings. In the survey members indicated that the two things they most wanted were to get more involved and to have more virtual opportunities. I would guess that this is even more true now as libraries are cutting travel budgets to conferences. In the coming months the Board will be working with Chairs to find ways to increase participation in YALSA, especially virtually. Read More →

YALSA wants to know what works best for you and your teens when it comes to the annotated lists on the YALSA web site. Currently, those lists live in the For Members Only section of the site. Librarians can log into the section to access the annotations but teens, since they are not YALSA members, can not.

You can let YALSA know what you think by casting your vote in the poll that you’ll find in the right sidebar of this blog. If you think teen access to the annotated lists online would be beneficial then vote yes. If you don’t think that access would be helpful cast a vote of no.

Thanks for your opinion.