Do you have a book that you think is the perfect Printz book? If so, nominate it!

That’s right, the’ Michael L. Printz Award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature accepts field nominations. Meaning, people outside the committee can nominate a book.

I am fortunate enough to be on this year’s committee. Discussions and the nomination list are top-secret, so I cannot share with you the titles being discussed.’ I will ask you not to make any assumptions, so if you have read a real “winner” please nominate it.

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The Michael L. Printz Awards program and reception is a big highlight for YALSA members who attend Annual, and the 2008 awards were no exception. Luckily for those who weren’t able to attend (or who wish to relive the fun), YALSA is providing mp3 versions of the speeches on the Printz website, courtesy Brilliance Audio.

You can hear speeches from Geraldine McCaughrean, the 2008 winner, and the four honor book winners: Judith Clarke, Elizabeth Knox, A. M. Jenkins and Stephanie Hemphill, or you can listen to the entire ceremony. We’ve embedded players for each speech and the full ceremony on the Printz website, or you can click the links to each players speech and save it to listen to another time.

Thanks again to Brilliance Audio for providing the mp3 versions of the speeches. Congratulations again to our Printz-winning authors!

Posted on behalf of Michael Cart, YALSA Nominating Committee Chair: YALSA needs you! The Nominating Committee is seeking qualified candidates for a variety of 2009 offices & committees and urges interested YALSA members to submit the online nomination form available online at As the YALSA membership has grown dramatically, the Nominating Committee increasingly needs your input, time and talent and reminds members that self-nominations are welcome. Don’t be shy! The following positions will be filled: President-Elect (minimum of 2 candidates; 1 elected) Board Directors-at-Large (minimum of 4 candidates; 2 elected) 2011 Michael L Printz Committee (minimum of 8 candidates; 4 elected) 2011 Margaret A. Edwards Committee (minimum of 6 candidates; 3 elected) Division Councilor (minimum of 2 candidates, 1 elected) Terms for the President-Elect and Board Directors-at-Large will run from July 2009 thru June 2012. Terms for the award committees run approximately from July 2009 thru June 2011. The Nominating Committee is seeking nominees now through August 2008. Additional information and the nomination form can be found here: Questions can be directed to Michael Cart at Thanks for all that you do to ensure that teens have access to excellent library services and resources!

-Beth Yoke

The 2010 Michael L. Printz Award Committee is charged to select from the previous year’s publications the best young adult book (“best” being defined solely in terms of literary merit). Now is your chance to meet the hard working folks who want to spend the next year reading, and rereading, and rereading, and taking extensive notes on hundreds of titles competing for this prestigious award.

Running on the spring ballot for the 2010 Printz Committee are:
Priscille Dando, Teri Lesesne, Jack Martin, Richie Partington, Sheila Schofer, Ann Theis, Cheryl Karp Ward, and Carlie Webber.

1. Please tell us a little about yourself.

2. Tell us how you define “literary quality.”

3. The books will be coming at you fast and furious – what’s your reading plan for the year?

4. How do you promote the Printz winners in your library?

Thanks, and have fun introducing yourselves to the membership!
Erin Downey Howerton
2008 Margaret A. Edwards Award Committee Member

Hello YALSA members:

The recent Dec. 29th post about the upcoming Midwinter meeting is a great example of how many people are gearing up for the upcoming meeting in Philadelphia. I hope to see many of you at the meeting and know that those not able to attend will find plenty of excellent information about the meeting right here on YALSA’s blog!

The latest edition of American Libraries also features Midwinter-related information, including a Midwinter Preview section. Page 62 of this preview discusses the Youth Media Awards Press Conference (Monday, Jan 14th from 8-9 a.m.) While it is always great to see the Youth Awards receive the attention they deserve, this preview mentions several awards by name (including the new ALSC/YALSA Odyssey Award) but does not specifically mention YALSA’s prestigious Michael L Printz, Margaret A. Edwards or Alex Awards.

I encourage all YALSA members to continue to advocate for the importance of the Printz Award, Young Adult literature — the fastest growing segment in publishing – and YALSA’s awards in general. There are more than 30 million teens in the country–the second largest generation after the Boomers. Drawing attention to YALSA’s excellent award-winning books for this large teen audience is an important task for those of us working to serve teens in libraries every day.

I also encourage all YALSA members to read through the list of candidates for ALA’s Executive Board (also on page 62 of the American Libraries Midwinter Preview) and begin thinking about which candidates fit your priorities for our Association. ALA Council will consider this slate of Executive Board Candidates at the Midwinter meeting. The candidates are Frances R Roscello, Diane R. Chen, Thomas L. Wilding, Dora T Ho, Pamela C. Sieving, Em Claire Knowles. There will be a Candidates Forum featuring these candidates at the Midwinter meeting on Jan. 14th from 11:30 to 12:30 in Ballroom B of the convention center.

General information about ALA’s Executive Board

Roster of current Executive Board members

Paula Brehm-Heeger
YALSA President, 2007-2008