“Risky Business”

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The mission of the Young Adult Library Services Association is to advocate, promote and strengthen service to young adults as part of the continuum of total library service, and to support those who provide service to this population.

Mission Moment

How Recent YALSA Activities Support the Association’s Mission and Strategic Plan
At their Midwinter Meetings, the YALSA Board voted to approve a proposal that expanded virtual participation in the Association’s process committees. This decision directly supports the Member Engagement goal in YALSA’s strategic plan as it provides more members opportunities to participate in the Association. And, by providing those opportunities, YALSA also meets its mission to support those who provide service to teens. The proposal that was approved by the Board at Midwinter is available on the YALSA web site.

My focus during January was on YALSA’s Midwinter Meeting in Boston. Prior to the Meeting I worked with YALSA’s Executive Director, Executive Committee, and Board members to finalize Board meeting agendas and supporting documents for each item on the Board agenda. The YALSA Board made several key decisions during their Midwinter meetings and also began discussions on topics that will help shape the Association’s programs, services, and products over the next few years. Read More →

I planned to post about YALSA’s Board meetings every day of Midwinter. But, as they say, “The best laid plans….”

Following the Saturday 1/16/10 meeting, the YALSA Board met twice more and the hard-working members continued to strategically plan for the Association. Items on the agenda on Sunday and Monday were discussion items. That means that what was discussed was not slated for specific action. Items listed as discussion usually are related to topics that haven’t yet been discussed by the Board and which may need more thought, and perhaps revision, before placed on a future agenda for a specific action. Discussion items can be acted on, but they do not have to be. An overview of topics discussed on Sunday, 1/17/10, and Monday, 1/18/10, follows. Read More →

To follow up their YALSA 101 program at ALA Annual, the Division & Membership Promotion Committee will host YALSA 201 at the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Boston.

This program is designed for YALSA members who are interested in leadership positions such as committee chair or board member.’  Guest speakers will discuss these roles in YALSA, and there will be a Q&A session.

The program will be held Friday, January 15, 2010 from 4:00-5:00 p.m. in the Boston Convention Center Room 160A. This is before Midwinter officially begins, so full registration is not required to attend this event.

The YALSA Happy Hour will begin right after this program at 5:00 p.m. in the Boston Convention Center Grand Ballroom Foyer.

Confirmed speakers for YALSA 201:

  • Nick Buron – Board Member
  • John Sexton – Chair, Nominating Committee 2011
  • Sarah Flowers – Editor, YALS
  • Pam Spencer Holley – YALSA author
  • mk Eagle – Blog Manager
  • Francisca Goldsmith – Course Instructor
  • Angela Carstensen – Award/Selection Chair
  • Dora Ho – Interest Group Convenor
  • Angie Manfredi – Road Trip Coordinator

In eight weeks I’ll be in Boston for Midwinter 2010. I’m arriving early to go to ALISE (The Association for Library and Information Science Education) which this year includes a YALSA Happy Hour on Tuesday evening January 12, and a YALSA Booth throughout the ALISE conference. Along with getting ready for ALISE activities, I’m also spending time preparing for YALSA Board discussions that will take place in Boston. Board members are now looking over the draft agenda for these meetings and providing feedback on plans for discussions. Topics up for discussion include:

  • ALA Committee Participation Policy Change – Recently ALA changed the rules regarding the number of virtual members that could be appointed to Division committees. Previously, YALSA was limited to having 1/3 of the members of any committees, that allowed for virtual participation, to be virtual. With the new ALA policies on virtual committee member participation, there is no limit on the number of virtual members that can be a part of a committee. There is also now the possibility for some committees to be made entirely virtual. Read More →