Geeks of all ages rejoice, the full version of Minecraft is out today!’  Minecraft creator Notch and’ the folks at’ Mojang’ ‘ are celebrating this release with gamers from around the world at MineCon in Las Vegas today and tomorrow.’  MineCon’s impressive agenda includes panels about gaming and sharing with implications that extend beyond Minecraft alone.’  The conference will be streaming live thanks to a partnership with IGN. Visit IGN’s Minecraft Event Hub for conference videos and more.

The full version of the game includes all kinds of exciting new features like enchantments, new items, new blocks, and new mobs.’  You can check out the full list of updates over at the Minecraft Wiki.
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I’m cheating a little because I haven’t actually played Minecraft with teens on the brand new multiplayer server space I just rented. ‘ But I do play a lot of Minecraft with my friends, I have talked a lot about it with teens, and I am going to offer the game as a regular teen program starting next week.’  Here’s what I’m doing to bring Minecraft to the library, and links to some interesting ideas about things you might do with it.

But first, what is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game where you roam a landscape full of different sorts of blocks that you can move around to build anything you want.’  You can dig deep to find different resources, and explore to find a variety of environments.’  At night, zombies and other monsters come out, so you need to protect yourself.’  The game was created by Swedish programmer Markus Persson, and is being developed by his company Mojang.’  It’s still in beta,’  so there are new updates all the time.’  Minecraft is getting prettier and more involved with each new permutation.

I love this game because it demands creativity.’  You have a world, and you can do anything.’  It’s even more fun with friends, where in building your world you find yourselves cooperating by sharing resources,’  planning building projects,’  helping each other and showing off for each other.’  I can’t wait to see what happens when I turn my group of teens loose in their new world.

Here’s a video for you to take a look at Minecraft.

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