While many of you were at Annual, I was in the process of moving and changing jobs. ‘ I have gone from being a school librarian in a K-9 school, to a YA librarian in a public library. ‘ Over the course of my budding library career I have worked with teens and I have worked in public libraries, but this is the first time I am working with teens in a public library. ‘ Which is a convoluted way of saying theoretically I know what I’m doing, but in practice I am still inexperienced.

I think the acknowledgement of transitions is important in a profession where many of us have several different jobs over the course of our careers. ‘ ‘ This transition has landed me exactly where I want to be. ‘ Aside from an Anime club that plans to start back up again in the fall, YA services here is pretty much a blank slate. I have a lot of freedom, but I don’t have a lot of direction. ‘ It feels good and I think it will prove useful in terms of growing the YA program, but for the moment, I’m not really sure where to begin.
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On the second day I started work at this school, I told one of the first students I met that I was in school to become a school librarian. “You’d make a fun librarian,” she told me. “Not like those boring ones.” I was pleased, but also a little puzzled–we’d only just met, and she knew little more about me than the way I dressed and that I at least knew how to log into the BPL databases.

Earlier today, a teacher at that same school told me in a stage whisper that the way I was sitting at the circulation desk was “not so professional-looking.”

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