On Friday night, January 7, 2011 at the San Diego Midwinter Meeting, you have the opportunity to bid on several baskets filled with good reads and treats for evenings at home on a cold winter’s night. Two of these are:

  • The 2011 Quick Picks Committee has chosen a delightful selection from their current list with delicious treats from twelve different states. Be prepared to discover new titles for your teen readers as well as new snacking favorites.
  • Spend time exploring the new Popular Paperback Books Lists with a selection of paperbacks from four new lists— “Thrillers and Killers”, “What’s Cooking”, “What If…”, and “Zombies, Werewolves and Things with Wings”. All books are selected by the 2011 Popular Paperback Committee members. Surprise treats are also included in this basket.

Don’t forget you can see all of the items that will be up for bid at YALSA’s Not So Silent Auction on the YALSA Midwinter Wiki Not So Silent Auction signup page.

On Friday night, January 7, 2011 at the San Diego Midwinter Meeting, you have the opportunity to bid on several professional packages that can help you be a better librarian and your library provide good service to teens and other customers.
Do you consider yourself to be Odd? Do you appreciate the funny, the grotesque, bizarre, yet thoughtful? Then, you will definitely want to bid on the Skype visit from the Author of, Order of Odd-Fish, James Kennedy. http://jameskennedy.com/about/Teachers and librarians across the country have said his visit to their libraries and classrooms was hysterical, engaging and interactive. Teens couldn’t stop laughing. Teachers can’t wait to have him visit again. Don’t miss your chance to bid on the Skype visit from James Kennedy at YALSA’S Not So Silent Auction. Friday January 7, 2011. This prize is worth $ 500.00.
Take a look at YALSA’s wiki to see all the items up for bid.

Kick-off your Midwinter meetings with YALSA’s Not So Silent Auction‘ on Friday night, January 7, 2011 for the chance to get your name immortalized as a character in an upcoming YA novel. There are great opportunities at the auction’ to bid on signed books and Skype visits from authors, but really, who wouldn’t love to live forever in the pages of a popular YA author’s latest work?

Deborah Heiligman had a rewarding year to say the least. Her nonfiction book Charles and Emma was recognized as a National Book Award finalist and ‘ Michael L. Printz Honor book, in addition to winning the first ever YALSA Excellence in Nonfiction Award.’  As everyone knows who watched her Printz acceptance speech, Deborah has a wicked sense of humor.’  She describes the value of her donation as dependent upon whether your name is used for a “nice character or a mean character.” Whichever way it turns out, your bragging rights will be priceless.

Nancy Werlin’s novels never fail to enthrall readers.’  Award-winning titles such as The Rules of Survival (National Book Award finalist) and The Killer’s Cousin (Edgar Award winner) are perpetually popular.’  Whether mystery, suspense or fantasy, her fans eagerly await the next book, and now you can be a part of it.’  Just place the winning bid at the auction, and her next novel, Unbreakable, will include a character named after you!

Think of how much fun you’ll have recommending new books by either of these authors and saying on the sly, “By the way, one of the characters in this book was named after me!”

See all the exciting items up for bid on the YALSA Midwinter Wiki Not So Silent Auction sign-up page at http://tinyurl.com/26eccw3

It’s a secret! No! It’s SILENT. Be sure to come to the silent auction Friday January 7, 2011. There will be great items, baskets, gifts and more, up for bid. The great thing about an auction, YOU name your price. Just don’t let anyone outbid you! I plan to bid on the kindle. I told you there were great prizes. OOOH, OOOH and the cashmere hand knitted scarf, OH and I want Nancy Werlin to name a character after me, OH and, SSSH, can’t tell you anymore it’s silent! You have to come and hear; I mean, bid for yourself.

Amy Alessio has volunteered to compile a cookbook of dessert recipes for the Not So Silent Auction. Perhaps if it’s a big seller, we can print more copies of this cookbook, but until then, if you’re the lucky bidder, you’ll have a great dessert cookbook.

What do you have to do? First, ask Amy at the e-mail address above for a copy of the template that will be used to compile the dessert cookbook. Then you will type your recipe on the template and return to Amy by September 30, 2010. To avoid copyright issues, send only family or original recipes. Dessert ideas include cookies, cupcakes, cakes, pies, tortes, puddings, etc. If it’s sweet, it’s a dessert and can be submitted. Each submitter will receive credit for the recipe, which will be cited in the cookbook.

Questions? Contact Amy Alessio or Pam Spencer Holley