photo of people planning from Flickr user Balboa Park Cultural PartnershipEvery year YALSA’s Organization and Bylaws Committee (affectionately known as O&B) evaluates a selection of committees in order to make sure that their function statement and assigned tasks fit the needs of members and the association. In 2012 and 2013 O&B evaluated 13 of the association’s committees and reported to the Board at Midwinter 2013 and Annual 2013 on their findings. You can read both reports on the YALSA website – Midwinter 2013 committee evaluations and Annual 2013 committee evaluations.

The evaluation process is one that all O&B members take part in. Each committee member volunteered to work with the chair of one of the committees up for evaluation. As a group O&B developed a set of questions to ask each of the chairs of committees up for evaluation. Questions asked committee chairs to consider:

  • If the group’s function statement is accurate and if it reflects the current work of the committee. (You can read all YALSA Committee function statements on the YALSA website. Select a member group to read their statement.) Read More →