photo of people planning from Flickr user Balboa Park Cultural PartnershipEvery year YALSA’s Organization and Bylaws Committee (affectionately known as O&B) evaluates a selection of committees in order to make sure that their function statement and assigned tasks fit the needs of members and the association. In 2012 and 2013 O&B evaluated 13 of the association’s committees and reported to the Board at Midwinter 2013 and Annual 2013 on their findings. You can read both reports on the YALSA website – Midwinter 2013 committee evaluations and Annual 2013 committee evaluations.

The evaluation process is one that all O&B members take part in. Each committee member volunteered to work with the chair of one of the committees up for evaluation. As a group O&B developed a set of questions to ask each of the chairs of committees up for evaluation. Questions asked committee chairs to consider:

  • If the group’s function statement is accurate and if it reflects the current work of the committee. (You can read all YALSA Committee function statements on the YALSA website. Select a member group to read their statement.) Read More →

One of the tasks of YALSA’s Organization and Bylaws (O&B) Committee is to review the association’s bylaws with an eye toward accuracy, consistency, and success in supporting the work of the organization. This fall the current O&B Committee took a close look at the YALSA Bylaws and proposed several updates and changes to the document. The YALSA Board discussed and approved the proposal at their Midwinter Meetings and now the membership needs to cast their vote on whether to adopt the proposed changes. None of the changes will take place unless the majority of the membership votes in favor for them. That means the proposed revisions will be included on the YALSA ballot this spring: Read More →