Title: Plants vs. Zombies
Platform: iPhone, iPad, Nintendo DS, XBOX Live, Windows, Mac and online
Cost: ranges from free online version to $19.95 for the Windows version. The iPhone version is $2.99

Happy Teen Tech Week! We haven’t had a game for our App of the Week a little while, so I decided to write about a favorite cross-platform game of mine: ‘ Plants vs. Zombies.’  It’s a puzzle game where you organize an army of plants, each with different abilities, to defend your house from the oncoming zombie hoards. ‘ The zombies, too, come in many types, each with their own styles and talents.’  The game’s bright colors, amusing design, and catchy music all contribute to making it seriously distracting.’  Gameplay is simple, but presents a variety of challenges as you advance through the levels.’  You can play in short bursts, just a level at a time, or get caught up and while away hours defeating level after level of zombie attacks.

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