Title: LibriVox

Format: iOS and Android

Cost: Free

Any school librarian knows that audiobooks of curricular reading will, at some point, be required to help support students with learning differences. ‘ But those might not always require a line item in your budget. LibriVox, an app offering’ “acoustical liberation of books in the public domain,”‘ offers an easy way for students to stream or download high-quality audiofiles to their own devices, so they can follow along with the print or to suit their own learning modalities.

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For an open, volunteer-driven project, the selection of available titles in LibriVox is impressive.’ Jane Austen fanatics can find juvenilia, letters, and the memoir written by Austen’s nephew, in addition to multiple recordings, most available either voiced by solo readers or dramatized by a full cast, for each of Austen’s novels. ‘ And teen listeners have preferences in reader gender and accent, so the availability of a choice of narrators can’t be underestimated.

The same files accessed via the app are available via the’ LibriVox‘ website.’ Some of these books are also being fed, selectively, into the Project Gutenberg audiobook collection‘ (which does have the advantage of conversion of each book into a multiplicity of audio file formats). A small ad at the bottom of app display seems a small concession for access.

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