An Emotional Goodbye

I am writing this article as an open letter. We are censoring what video games we provide people, but we are not stopping their consumption. We are shooting ourselves in the foot to avoid an argument, and it will hurt. Plus we are compromising our own integrity to avoid an argument. It is time to supply our public with access to M rated games.

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Along for the Ride CoverIt started with a tweet. A student in an online young adult literature class that I teach mentioned a blog post by Sarah Dessen (scroll down to number 5), about Barnes & Noble’s use of Common Sense Media ratings on the B&N web site. The student tweet asked what members of the class thought about the use of these ratings in this way.

If you aren’t familiar with Common Sense Media ratings, you can easily find out about them by searching the Barnes & Noble site for any book that’s a favorite of teens. Search for Dessen’s Along for the Ride Read More →