No, really, he does. But. . .he also comes back.

Remember the irresistable Audrey Tautou in the movie Amelie? Remember the scenes where she takes her father’s garden gnome and sends it on a trip around the world (and has photos to prove it)? At my library, Sock Monkey has been our garden gnome this week and today he did indeed visit jail.

Sock Monkey is the star of a graphic novel series and a library ambassador. I cannot pretend that I have known Sock Monkey before this week as my supervisor had to patiently explain him to me. Though I can say he is like the unexpected uncle that visits at your house and is actually okay to have around for awhile. He can visit your library too and arrive in his own travel box with disposable camera where he practically comes to life when starring in his own photoshoot. His adventures are then posted to the Dark Horse Library page.

How do teens take to him? My supervisor and teens filmed Sock Monkey AND his groupies (bearing a curious likeness yet clearly bold originality) dancing to some of his favorite music. And his jail visit for the bookclub? The male teens really liked him. They liked the music and the dancing and the tactileness of him. He is cool-and not as in a sing-a-long way for teens. The graphics, the music, and the monkey himself has an attitude and a side to him that is a bit more devilish than your average stuffed role model for kids. He’s definitely got it going on-as you can see here, expressing himself in the podcast booth.

Posted by Kelly Czarnecki