With New Moon topping the box office, most of us are experiencing a resurgence of Twilight madness. Here, at a private K-9 school, we have about six copies of each book in the series and they are rarely in on our YA shelves. But, as with any trend, there are always dissenters.

Some have hated the whole thing from the start, or some, like me, have just had enough. I read them, I saw the first movie, and I’m sure I’ll see New Moon eventually. I get it, it’s fun, it’s escapist, (though I agree with L. Lee Butler’s post from last week, it does normalize some pretty creepy behavior, but I digress). At this point, I’m over it and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. I overheard some students the other day asking each other if they were going to see the movie, and one girl replied: “I never got into those,” as if it were a point of pride.

There are plenty of reasons to be tired of Twilight, but that doesn’t mean we should give up on vampires, or even on supernatural romances, forever.
So, for your perusal, I present cures for various Twilight related ills:

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As everyone knows, Breaking Dawn will be released August 2nd. And libraries across the country will be partying until dawn. On the ya-yaac list, Dawn McMillan and the teens at the Boone County Public Library had the great idea to create Twilight Saga fortunes, based on quotes from the three books so far.

When I was a teen, I loved coding. Though it’s been over 10 years since learning Javascript and coding much of anything, I was able to use a combination of W3 Schools, Tizag Tutorials, and a hint Google searching to whip up a rudimentary widget that translates their great work into an online fortune teller. Read More →

I just got back from visiting my dear friend and former YA librarian in FL, and we got to talking about YA lit, as we are wont to do, and of course, Eclipse came up. She hasn’t finished it yet, but knows I am a Jacob/Bella ‘shipper, and she took a moment to show me some awesome t-shirts at Zazzle:

Team Jacob:

Team Edward:

and, of course, Harry Potter:

I am sure there are others – share your links, below.

Two questions come to mind: what kind of copyright infringement is this? And, is this not content creation at it’s finest?! At the very least, it could be a very creative idea to extend discussion around a book: design the t-shirt! My new friend Sarah tells me that iron-on transfers for your library printer only cost a coupla bucks…