In Chicago, August 25-26 is the Second Life Community Convention. There will be different presentation tracks at the conference and machinima is one of them. Teen machinima will be highlighted through an intern program with Global Kids with teens presenting and hands on making machinima techniques will be available as well.

The term ‘machinima’ is a combination of ‘machine’ and ‘cinema’ or video creation done ‘in-game’. It is not particular to Second Life but because SL has built-in video capture, the platform lends itself well to the medium.

Machinima has everything to do with libraries. It mashes up content including music, storylines, and images. These movies can be (and often are) honored in film festivals, shared on social networking sites such as YouTube and taught as courses at universities such as Georgia Tech. Most capture tools such as Second Life, Camtasia, and FRAPS have free versions. Promoting programs, collaborating with teens, and exploring how to tell a story are some of the many things that can be done with machinima.

The machinima track for the SLCC conference will be audio streamed into Second Life. It will be streamed on the ALA Arts Info Island, 159, 189, 29. If you sign up for a free account at:, log in, and click on the ‘search’ option at the bottom of your screen, you can locate ‘ALA Arts Info Island’ and teleport to the location.

More links on machinima are available at YALSA’s page. Add your own!

Posted by Kelly Czarnecki

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usThis weekend, adults and teens will be teaching teens how to create better machinima on Eye4You Alliance island in Teen Second Life. We’ll be using free software including the built-in second life recording software and YouTube’s Audio Swap which allows for pre-approved audio to be used with videos people create. Teens dj’ing will fill in the breaks by bringing people out to the dance floor and adults will be teaching self-esteem building workshops as well.

Any teen is welcome to sign up for a free account at: and join the events on the island.

Free Image Hosting at We have a printing press where teens make tutorial guides to use the software.

Free Image Hosting at We have matching shirts for the classes. I detached my hair for the photo because it was blocking the logo and now I can’t find it.

We’ll share the machinima after the weekend.

Posted by Kelly Czarnecki