by author Jill Williamson

What’s a friend or family member to do when a loved one has gone astray? Should we speak up? Let them know what we think of their reckless behavior? Or do we avoid confrontation and simply try and be a good friend, waiting until our loved one is ready to ask for help or confide in us?

Is there an in-between for teens? Is there a perfect answer?

In my book Captives, Omar, the youngest of the Elias brothers, makes a deal with the enemy, hoping to carve out a better future for himself. But his plan backfires when Safe Lands enforcers kill dozens of his village people. Omar is left bearing the title of traitor, hated by many who were once his friends. This wasn’t how things were supposed to happen. The guilt is overwhelming.

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Skouts flirt screen facilitates, social and local gaming

Skout Flirt Screen

Social Media has been a positive force for youth. It lets them express themselves, helps them overcome social isolation and it gives them the ability to influence the world without the freedom granted by adulthood. There is a darker side to social media as well. The most evident in recent years has been cyber bullying, but it’s not the only issue.

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