We have tons of wonderful resources at our fingertips to create an awesome environment for our teens. Maybe you’re chatting with others about what they’re doing for the Hunger Games release, or you’re scanning Pinterest for new craft ideas. You hear people talking about how such-and-such program was a huge hit, and you think, “I’ve got to try that. My teens will love it.” So you spend time and money planning this sure-fire program, or maybe you’re creating your own Teen Space so they have a place in the library that’s theirs, and the time has come for the big program, the big reveal … and no one comes. Read More →

One day this past week, a co-worker of mine came into the workroom to retrieve a laptop to bring to a patron. I heard the phone ringing on the information desk and pointed it out to my co-worker. He went back out to the desk, with the laptop and came back to the workroom a few minutes later. “I went out to the desk and someone was on the phone saying, ‘I don’t know’ a lot.” My co-worker proceeded to tell us that he asked the teen, “dude, what are you doing on the phone?” The teen matter-of-factly responded, “It was ringing and so I answered it.”

We had some good laughs after that and chalked one up for some true youth participation. Anyone else have some humorous moments to share?