Title: IMDb Movies & TV
Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android (Android app is a little different, this review refers to the iPhone app)
Cost: Free

The Internet Movie Database is one of my most frequently used reference sources. I use it with my friends when we decide to admire obscure actors and need to remember which movies they’ve been in. ‘ I use it when I’m working with the public to find out what movie someone is trying remember (it’s easy to search by actor or director) or how many episodes are in a series. ‘ I use it with teens, mostly when we’re playing Apples to Apples and a card comes up with the name of an actor the teens don’t recognize. ‘ When I’m not working at a public desk and I don’t have a computer in front of me, the IMDb mobile app comes in particularly handy.

While it is not ‘ innovative, new or specific to teens and those who work with teens, IMDb is just an all around good app. ‘ With the Academy Awards coming up, I decided to celebrate this’ extremely useful resource.

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