“If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. The more you do, the more you can do… and don’t you forget it!”
Lucille Ball

One of the biggest excuses/reasons I hear from my teens is that they just don’t have time to read!

These teens are too busy practicing, traveling to events, studying, and being involved with a myriad of other things that enrich their lives, help them be well rounded and will “look really great on their college resumes”.’  When we think of reluctant readers, we don’t often think of advanced students, and yet – there is a reluctance there as well.
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What better way to talk about Teen Read Week than to talk to a teen librarian that is hosting several programs throughout the week!! Check out what Natalie Couch from the Chattahoochee Valley Libraries ‘ in Georgia is doing….

Tell us about your Teen Read Week Programming?
My library system is focusing on zombies and other horror/thriller/paranormal themes for this year’s Teen Read Week. We are hosting the followings programs at various branches: Horror Movie Makeover Workshop, Zombie Prom, and Zombie Apocalypse Survival 101. For the Horror Movie Makeover Workshop a theater major from the local university will be demonstrating grotesque special effects techniques such as scars, cuts and bruises, bullet wounds, and the general look of the “undead.” We’ll give out cheap makeup kits as door prizes.

Our teens absolutely loved the photo booth idea we had at our final Summer Reading Program party, so we are making another one for Zombie Prom. My husband, an artist, has been recruited to create a zombie cardboard cutout for teens to pose with. We will email the images out to the teens after the program. Zombie Prom will also include gory—yet still edible—food, games, and music. The library is encouraging the teens to come dressed up as a zombie or their favorite literary character. The Horror Movie Makeover Workshop is scheduled to occur about a week before the Prom so teens can try the makeup techniques on their own.
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Today kicks off the first day of Teen Read Week and teen librarians everywhere are working hard to promote a culture of reading among teens. The goal of having the library become a place where young adults want to spend their time is one that is often talked about among librarians. This week displays will be created and promotions for teen reading will blanket libraries. This year at my library Teen Read Week marks the first major library promotion in well over a year.

Last year my school underwent a massive, much needed renovation. Students and teachers alike dealt with construction dust, displaced classrooms, bad lighting and crowded conditions. Before the construction began we had a firmly established culture of reading in our school. One day a week was a designated reading day in homeroom and the expectation was that every student always had a book to read. Reading was the expectation that became very difficult to continue during our renovation. The majority of the library was packed up and put into storage and I operated a very small temporary library in the former teachers lounge for the majority of last year. In my high poverty school where many students had access to books only at school, it became hard to make it a requirement to have a book when so few were available in the library.
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Book displays. Every librarian has created one, with good reason. They work. It’s just like the candy, gum and other small impulse items located next to the check out. You’ didn’t’ know you needed that package of wet wipes until you saw it. The same can be said of a great display of books. It’s marketing genius, and it’ doesn’t’ cost you a dime.

With Teen Read Week just around the corner it’s time to create those awesome book displays that will highlight this year’s theme – It Came From the Library, featuring both horror and mystery genres. Below is a list of’ Gothic’ titles ‘ sure to entice the most discerning patrons.
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