Due to the outcome of the recent election, many young people are feeling anxiety and uncertainty, as described in this recent Chicago Tribune article, Soothing Kids Fears about a Donald Trump Presidency. Unfortunately, the fears of these young people are very real, as shown by recent threats and assaults that some young people have experienced, as reported in this other Tribune article Muslim and Latino Youth in California are Targeted following Trump’s Election.

Libraries can play a role in helping youth cope with the challenges, stress and even threats that have arisen for many of them recently. Therefore, I would like to change the topic of the Town Hall I had planned for November 16. Instead of exploring ideas about how YALSA can increase its presence at the state and local level to support members, I would like to explore the ways that libraries can step up right now during this challenging time to support youth.  So far we’ve compiled some resources on the wiki that we hope will be of help to libraries right now, and we expect this list to expand and evolve.

Please join me by phone or by video over the web any time from 5:00 – 6:00 pm Eastern on Wed. Nov. 16th to be a part of this discussion, so as a group we can come together and identify strategies and solutions. While space in the town hall is limited to 100, we will be recording the session and sharing that out. You can also follow along via Twitter with #yalsachat. Members will find the web link and phone number for joining the Town Hall in their Nov. 2, 9 & 16th YALSA eNews.

Also, please don’t forget about the resources we have on the wiki to help you better serve diverse youth, as well as to help you build empathy and understanding among youth. Thanks for all that you do to help the nation’s youth, especially those who are the most vulnerable, and I look forward to a fruitful discussion on Nov. 16th.

Join me for the next Member Town Hall discussion on Wednesday, November 16, from  5 pm to 6 pm Eastern Time via the online Zoom platform.  We’ll discuss how YALSA can be more active in your state and build stronger ties with regional and state organizations.  One of YALSA’s strategies in the new organizational plan is to “leverage relationships with state and regional associations to promote the transformation of teen library services.” How can we help you within other organizations? What role should we take at your local conference? Are YALSA interest groups and meet-ups at local conferences meeting your needs? How else can YALSA help you in your location?

Look for Zoom access information coming soon in the November enews or email yalsa@ala.org for login information. Hope to “see” you on Nov. 16!


I hope you will join me from 8:00 – 9:00pm, eastern, on Thursday May 14th for the next YALSA Member Virtual Town Hall!

I’ll be providing an update on what YALSA leaders and staff have been doing to realign YALSA’s programs and services towards the Futures Report in order to better serve members.  Some exciting new resources are coming, so don’t miss the chance to get the inside scoop!  I’ll also build in lots of time so members can share their thoughts on other actions you’d like YALSA to take to better support you in your efforts to implement the recommendations in the report.

Advance registration is not required and the event will be held via YALSA’s webinar platform, Adobe Connect.  The event will be recorded for anyone who cannot attend some or all of the live session.

Looking forward to chatting with you soon!

2013! It’s a big year for YALSA and for the future of libraries and teens. Why? Because not only did YALSA receive funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to figure out what that future is, the association partnered with Connected Learning.TV for a month-long series of events on the very same topic topic. (Obviously the future of libraries and teens is something worth talking about.) The Connected Learning.TV series fits perfectly with all of the other activities YALSA has going on as a part of the National Forum on Libraries and Teens. As a matter of fact, the two projects come together in late May when a YALSA & Connected Learning TV event on May 21 at 1PM Eastern provides a lead in into the next and final virtual town hall that will take place at 2PM (that same day) in YALSA’s Adobe Connect Space.

This final virtual town hall is another excellent opportunity for library staff serving teens, educators, library administrators, and stakeholders to come together and make their voices heard. The topic for this town hall is the future of libraries and teens. Participants will be asked to consider ideas such as:

  • Imagine that you have the power to create the ideal library services for teens.’  What would they look like?
  • What do you think is exciting about the future you imagine for library services to teens? Read More →

Earlier today YALSA sponsored a Virtual Town Hall on how libraries and stakeholders can work together successfully to support teens. The event is a part of YALSA’s year-long National Forum on Libraries and Teens that is looking at the future of library services to adolescents.

Conversation at the Virtual Town Hall focused on four key questions:

  • Why are partnerships important?
  • What opportunities are a part of partnerships between libraries and stakeholders?
  • What do successful partnerships look like?
  • What’s required of libraries and stakeholders in order to support teens into the future?

You can view the lively discussion .
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As a part of the YALSA year-long IMLS funded National Forum on Libraries & Teens project, the association is sponsoring three town halls. The virtual events, all will take place in YALSA’s Adobe Connect space, are scheduled for 2 to 3PM Eastern on:

  • March 19
  • April 16
  • May 21

Each session will focus on a specific theme and participants, that will include library staff and stakeholders from a variety of communities, will have the chance to help YALSA understand what teen library services will (and should) look like in the future.

The first session, in two weeks, will focus on partnerships. Library staff are encouraged to invite stakeholders from their community to join the conversation which will focus on these questions: Read More →

National Forum on Libraries & Teens logoHave you heard? YALSA received funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to facilitate a year-long project. What’s the project about? It brings together library staff that work with teens, educators, library educators, youth development experts, technology experts, and stakeholders to talk about the future of YA services. All leading to a white paper that will outline where teen services should go in the future and how best to support teens in libraries and communities.

There are two key pieces to the Forum that lead to the white paper: Read More →