national forum on libraries and teens logo.Over the past several weeks the YALSAblog has run a series of posts on rethinking how we do and what we do in libraries for teens. There have been posts on everything from library card policies to programming to professional development to social media policies. There’s a lot to rethink. And, actually, YALSA has been focused on re-thinking everything that we do in libraries for teens over the past year as a part of a year-long IMLS grant on the future of teens and libraries.

What does it mean to envision the future of libraries and teens? You can find out by reading the draft of the white paper YALSA is developing to help library staff and others determine next steps and how to move forward. And, YALSA doesn’t want you to just read the white paper draft, the association is looking for your comments. Read on for a sneak peek at some of what you’ll read about in the paper.
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National Forum on Libraries & Teens logoIt’s been quite a nine months. Yes, just about nine months ago YALSA launched it’s IMLS funded project focusing on the future of library services to teens. At YALSA’s Board meetings during Annual Conference 2013 the Board was updated on the project and what’s coming up next.

The report to the Board included an overview of what’s transpired in the nine months since YALSA’s research on the future of library services to teens began. In that time the association:

  1. Hosted a national summit on libraries and teens that brought together library staff, educators, stakeholders, and others to brainstorm, listen, and plan what the future of teen services in libraries will look like.
  2. Sponsored three virtual town halls that gave a wide-range of people the opportunity to provide feedback on where library services for teens are headed. Topics covered included partnerships and collaborations and informal and formal learning spaces for teens.

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As Stephanie Kuenn mentioned in her YALSA Update post last Friday, at their Midwinter 2011 meetings the YALSA Board approved a new YALSA White Paper. The focus is the whole library approach to teen services.

What’s the whole library approach? Good question.

The whole library approach centers on the need for public libraries to employ staff dedicated to serving teens AND the need to have all other library staff (those not specifically tasked to work with teens) understand the value of serving adolescents. Through this understanding all staff are better equipped to provide high-quality service to young adults.
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