The most recent On the Media (OTM) broadcast includes a segment called The Net Effect. That segment is worth listening to. What is also worth listening to is the audio file on the OTM web site which is the uncut version of OTM host Brooke Gladstone’s interview with Pew Internet in American Life Director Lee Rainie. You can listen to that file right from this blog post. Liisten

Rainie has been present at many library and education events as keynote speaker. As a result, many librarians and teachers have had the chance to hear what he has to say about technology in the lives of Americans and its impact on educational institutions. However, even if you have heard Rainie before, this interview is worth listening to in order to hear him discuss the impact of technology in a broad context. Read More →

This year, we invited freelance game writer, Rafael Chandler, to talk with teens about what he does in his career. “I had a great time,” I heard one of the attendees tell his mom after the program.

What I liked, and from the teens’ questions and comments, it seems like they did as well, was how much game writing ties into what we already do at our libraries. Rafael compared the release of games in various languages to teens noticing cultural differences when they read manga. Read More →