I was quite the eager little first-year grad student last year when I submitted my paper proposal for the 2012 YALSA YA Literature Symposium. My subject–biracial identity in YA–was something I had been interested in for awhile, so I was happy to have an outside force encouraging me to turn my informal research into something real and accountable. But that was in February, and lots of school happened in between that acceptance and presentation, including a lot of procrastinating.

But I still made it, and on the Saturday of the symposium, I presented my paper and did not melt, have a heart attack, or run out of the room screaming.

I thought I would end up titling this post either “How NOT to Present a Paper at a Conference” or “How to Be the Best Paper Presenter EVER,” but I’m not sure I have the authority to write either. If there are rules other than “don’t rush and talk too quickly” (oops–failed that one), please let me know. Read More →

Summer Course Registration Ends Tuesday Registration ends July 6 – that’s Tuesday – for YALSA’s summer online course, Power Up with Print! Instructor Jamie Watson will show participants how to boost the library’s circulation’ through the development of teen-centered programs,’ material evaluation and selection, booktalks and more, as well as discuss the latest trends in YA lit. Course registration now open at www.ala.org/yalsa/onlinecourses. Courses cost $135 for YALSA members, $175 for ALA members, and $195 for nonmembers and will take place July 12 to August 9.

Congrats to YALSA’s Newest Spectrum Scholar! Congratulations are in order for Hoan-Vu Do, YALSA’s 2010-2011 Spectrum Scholar. Do will attend San Jose State University’s School of Library and Information’ Science.

WrestleMania Reading Challenge Registration You only have 30 days to register for the 2010-2011 Challenge! Remember, the Challenge has changed this year to take place during just one week, making it simpler for you and your teens and tweens to particpate. Registering automatically enters you into a drawing for one of five sets of books from Penguin — and it gives teens and tweens at your library the chance to win tickets to WrestleMania and $2,000 for your library. Register today at www.ala.org/wrestlemania.

Register for our July webinar! Registration is open for YALSA’s July webinar! Our July 15 webinar (Risky Business, hosted by Linda Braun) offers participants insights into effectively taking risks to manage and improve services to teens at your library. This in-depth, one-hour webinar will be held at 2 p.m. Eastern. Registration costs $39 for individual YALSA members, $49 for all other individuals. A group rate of $195 is available. Learn more (and find out details on our August and September webinars) at www.ala.org/yalsa/webinars.

After the jump, see how to win $250 from YALSA for your Great Idea,’  how you can get a free copy of Excellence in Library Services to Young Adults, 4th edition; how to win books’  simply by registering for Teen Read Week (it’s free!); who’s speaking at the Bill Morris Memorial Author Luncheon at the YA Lit Symposium, and how you can be a 2011 Emerging Leader!

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Are you tired of the cold and miserable weather? Me too! Although I live in Tampa, this has been a very cold and wet winter. I really want to go somewhere warm and dry! I feel even worse because I’m looking at the fabulous weather that we’ll get to experience when we head to Albuquerque for the YA Literature Symposium in November. Albuquerque has some pretty great weather in the fall. November’s average high is 57⁰ and average low is 31⁰ – though in 2009 the temperatures were a little higher. And the best part – no snow and very little rain!

What else is great about Albuquerque? Check out the YA Literature Symposium Wiki for ideas about restaurants, excursions and more.

YALSA’s Young Adult Literature Symposium will be here before we know it! It’s scheduled for November 5-7, 2010 in Albuquerque, NM.

Beyond Good Intentions: Diversity, Literature & Teens is the theme of the symposium. The complete program is not available yet – but will be posted soon on the YALSA website. Updates about the symposium will be posted here on the YALSA blog. You can also join in the conversation on the Young’  Adult Literature Symposium Wiki.

I’ve never been to New Mexico, or any of the Southwest, so I’m very excited to go to Albuquerque! The symposium is going to be my main focus – but I do plan on exploring the area while I’m there. Eating at some of the local restaurants, shopping, and hot air ballooning are some possibilities.

Are you going?

Registration opens April 12th!

Even though Midwinter Meeting ended over a week ago, the YALSA Board continues to actively work on Association decision-making and projects. Some of what the Board has worked on in the past week includes:

  • Discussing the 2015 ALA Strategic Plan. These discussions are taking place on the YALSA Board’s ALA Connect space and Board members are conversing about questions they have about the plan, how the new plan supports the work of YALSA, and how YALSA can support the work of the ALA plan. ALA is asking for Division feedback on the draft plan by February 15, YALSA will submit their comments to ALA by that deadline.
  • Answering questions about YALSA’s selected lists. Last week Frequently Asked Questions related to these lists were posted on the YALSA web site. Over the past several days YALSA Board members have continued to answer questions about the lists. The FAQs have now been updated to reflect the conversations Board members are having. To read an updated version of the FAQs visit the YALSA web site. Read More →