Have you considered running for a YALSA office or position? Have you submitted the name of a friend or co-worker to the 2011 Nominating Committee? The committee would like your help finding candidates for the 2011 YALSA Ballot:
‘· President-Elect
‘· Board-Directors-at-Large
‘· Fiscal Officer
‘· Secretary
‘· 2013 Michael L. Printz Committee
‘· 2013 Margaret A. Edwards Committee
‘· 2013 Nonfiction Award Committee

It’s easy to nominate a candidate (and yes, you can nominate yourself!). Just fill out the nominating form:

Email John Sexton, the Nominating Chair, (jsexton@wlsmail.org) or Lori Guenthner, (lguenthn@bcpl.net), with your questions.

Hoping to hear from you,
Lori Guenthner, 2011 Nominating Committee Member