This fall, YALSA will launch a new blog focused on young adult literature. Beginning this month, YALSA is accepting nominations for the new blog’s name. Nominations will be taken online through June 30. From there, YALSA will choose five finalists and you can vote for your favorite title from July 6 to August 1.

The person who submits the winning title will win a box of books and other materials from YALSA!

This is a great opportunity for anyone with a flair for coming up with great titles. For instance, when deciding what to name this post, I had to choose between the headline YAttitudes used and my idea, “Come Up With A Name For A New Blog Focused On Videos About YA Books And Stuff.” Clearly this is a contest I won’t be entering. (Although if anyone wins with “Videos About YA Books And Stuff,” I’d love a mention in your acceptance speech.)

Even though Midwinter Meeting ended over a week ago, the YALSA Board continues to actively work on Association decision-making and projects. Some of what the Board has worked on in the past week includes:

  • Discussing the 2015 ALA Strategic Plan. These discussions are taking place on the YALSA Board’s ALA Connect space and Board members are conversing about questions they have about the plan, how the new plan supports the work of YALSA, and how YALSA can support the work of the ALA plan. ALA is asking for Division feedback on the draft plan by February 15, YALSA will submit their comments to ALA by that deadline.
  • Answering questions about YALSA’s selected lists. Last week Frequently Asked Questions related to these lists were posted on the YALSA web site. Over the past several days YALSA Board members have continued to answer questions about the lists. The FAQs have now been updated to reflect the conversations Board members are having. To read an updated version of the FAQs visit the YALSA web site. Read More →