national forum on libraries and teens logoTuesday, April 16, 2PM Eastern! That’s the time for YALSA’s next virtual town hall which will take place in the association’s Adobe Connect space. The theme of the conversation is Teen Learning Environments and it’s a chance for library staff, administrators, and stakeholders – yes stakeholders – to consider what libraries need to do to provide learning environments for both formal and informal teen learning. The conversation is a part of YALSA’s year-long National Forum on Libraries and Teens.

If you are a stakeholder with an interest in teens and/or youth you want to attend the virtual town hall to get your voice heard and help guarantee that teens are served in the community as they need to be. Also, those who participate will get an advance copy of the final white paper that will be developed at the end of this year-long project.

If you work in libraries you want to be participate because you will be able to network with other library staff, get new ideas and learn about resources.

Up to 100 people can attend the virtual town hall so feel free to invite colleagues, peers, and others to help YALSA plan the very important future of library services to teens.

Participants in the forum will focus on five questions. They are:

  • Why do libraries need to provide formal and informal/physical and digital learning spaces for teens?
  • What activities do teens need to be able to be involved in in library learning spaces and what types of learning can take place in these spaces?
  • What staffing and management changes need to be considered in order to develop successful library learning environments for teens?
  • How do libraries work with other community organizations, agencies, etc. to guarantee teens have access to learning spaces?
  • What are examples of successful virtual and physical learning spaces for teens in libraries?

The first virtual town hall, which took place in March, was on the topic of partnerships and the lively discussion gave participants a great chance to learn from each other, network, and plan for the future. You can watch a recording of the session.

As a part of the virtual town halls we’ll also use Twitter and this blog to keep the conversation going. Feel free to comment on this post, or post questions and comments on Twitter, using the #yalsaforum hashtag.

If you have any questions about the virtual town halls feel free to get in touch with YALSA’s Executive Director, Beth Yoke, or me (Linda W. Braun) – I’ll facilitate each of the sessions.

About Linda W Braun

Linda W Braun is a YALSA Past President, the YALSA CE Consultant, and a learning consultant/project management coordinator at LEO: Librarians & Educators Online.

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